• 123suer
    If you’re shaking all over and limp, and need a minute or so to get over it and never feel it, you get a chance to feel it.
  • l***g

    It was really nice, completely full enjoyment; unbearableexcept there is no real feeling of embracing a woman, its more exciting than a womans stimulation. Its true. This is the only adult product of this type, and its really worth the money.

  • wa***

    The whole body trembles, feeling completely weak and limp. It takes about a minute to recover. For those who haven't experienced it, find an opportunity to truly feel and experience it.

  • 13****1

    As I mentioned before, women can give you physical satisfaction, but the multiple pleasure brought by this COMFLY is unparalleled.

  • s***3

    The mind goes blank, muscles all over the body tremble in orgasm, blood pressure rises, even the toes curl. It's more pleasurable than ejaculation, and the waves of pleasure keep coming one after another. The face contorts, and there may even be uncontrollable sounds of delight.

  • sex**m

    The intense rubbing sensation in the front keeps you constantly excited, and then suddenly having something inserted from behind is truly soul-stirring. It's something I've desired deep inside, and being immediately satisfied feels amazing. The more intense it gets from behind, the more pleasurable it becomes. I couldn't help but increase the intensity of the movements, wanting to be taken vigorously. It feels like going crazy, and in an instant, you enter a whole new level of pleasure. Compared to other experiences, it took me a bit longer to get used to this, but the sensation of a prostate orgasm makes you forget about everything. It's exactly as described online, even if you only experience it once, it's worth it for a lifetime

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