How does the COMFLY fusion pleasure feel?

That's fantastic! It sounds like a sensation you've never experienced before.

It's a complete experience with intense sensations. You can adjust the speed according to your preferences. Personally, I prefer the medium speed setting because it allows for a longer-lasting experience

Will using this product cause physical issues?
No, it feels comfortable and joyful

Of course not

 It's very enjoyable.

 No, it won't, and the experience is quite pleasant.

Is this really reaching prostate orgasm?

The provided method is very effective.

Yes,it can

Yes, using the longest massage attachment achieved that.

It looks great. Could an experienced friend share more about it?

As long as you adjust the angle, height, and position to match your body, the sensation of comfort from within to outside, with both the penis and anus feeling good simultaneously, is amazing. Neither real intimacy nor anything else compares to the level of satisfaction this product provides.

The product experience is quite good. You can use it fully automatically while lying on the bed, and still have your hands free for other things.

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